​Claylick Fire Department's History

Our Humble Beginning

Claylick Fire Department was established in 1981 out of community need. Several of our community came together donating land, supplies, and their time to build the Claylick Fire Hall. There are many in our community who remember the humble beginning of our fire department. Created by the community to serve our community. We started by responded to fires and wrecks and within a few years, we began our first responder program to provide a response to those with medical emergencies. 

Recent History

Since our opening in 1981, we have continued to grow and develop. We are always pushing forward to better the services of our department. Claylick is governed by a board of directors which oversees the needs of our department and works closely with our Chief. Our chief, Dwayne Westcott, manages the day to day operations and is assisted by the Assistant Chief, Captain, and Lieutenant. We all seek to improve our department and here's an example starting in 2016. 

In 2016, we participated in several classes hosted by TFACA aimed at making us more cancer aware. Based on these data-driven courses we made several major changes to our department. We encourage our members to wash their exposed skin while on fire scenes, wash their gear after every live fire event, and minimize training in our bays. Being cancer aware added to our drive to build a training center. We completed our new training center in May of 2018. We now do all tabletop exercises, debriefings, and classroom activities in our training room. We also host classes for local firefighters and EMRs across Dickson and surrounding counties. We host classes for the public as well. We continually adapt to the needs of our community.   

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