Welcome E.M.I.S.

Medical emergencies can happen at anytime. This sheet will help you be better prepared. It contains all the information that emergency personnel will need to know that you can prepare beforehand. This speeds up and improves your care in emergency situations. 

Step 1

Start by downloading and printing off the EMIS. Click on the link at the bottom of the form to download.

Step 2

Fill out an EMIS for each of your family members. Use the picture to the right to help you fill yours out!

Step 3

Place EMIS in Envelope and write "EMIS" along with your name on the front in BIG, BOLD letters.

Step 4

Place EMIS in the glove box of your car and keep one at home. We recommend placing your EMIS on top of the fridge. 

Medical Emergencies Happen Everyday.

We have something to help you be a little more prepared.