Benefits of Serving

 Aside from the chance to save lives and make a difference in your community we have a few measurable benefits to serving our community. Volunteer firefighters and first responders across Tennessee receive a discount on one vehicle tag each year. Our members also receive firefighter and medical training paid for by the fire department. These courses include state and federal courses that transfer to fire departments across the state. Another perk of serving is after one year our members are eligible to take part in a reduced-cost phone plan saving your family money. Lastly, some businesses are generous enough to give discounts to volunteer firefighters and first responders. These benefits are just some of the encouragements you can receive for volunteering. 

There is a role for everyone. 

Tap the buttons below to learn more about each of our roles here at Claylick Fire Department. Which one is right for you?

​Why Join?

To Save Lives and Property. Have you ever witnessed a wreck, fire, or medical emergency? In that moment you wanted to help but may not have known how. These types of emergencies can and do happen all the time, including here, in our community. Our department is composed of your neighbors who want to help and have been trained to do so. They started where you are now, put in time and effort, and took courses that are recognized across the nation.  The best part, those classes were paid for by Claylick Fire Department.

Which Emergency is Most Common?

Emergencies occur everyday in our community and Claylick Fire Department is part of the team that responds. 82% of our calls are medical or traumatic in nature. These types of medical emergencies range from broken bones to cardiac arrest. Our next most common call type is fire related emergencies, which makes up 12% of our call volume. There would be no hope of saving a house, shed, or vehicle without having volunteer firefighters in our community. Vehicle collisions are another type of emergency to which we respond.

Careers Start Here

Many Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics started here and now work for services like Nashville Fire, Franklin Fire, Dickson EMS, and in Hospitals!

​Who Can Join?

You want to put out fires? We have a job for you. 
You want to rescue people? We have a job for you.
You want to respond to medical emergencies? We have a job for you. 
You want to help write grants, clean, help fundraise, support your community? We have a job for you! 
Our Junior Program starts at 16 years old and we have members in their 70s still supporting Claylick Fire Department. We have a job for you!