Who can be a Firefighter?

Almost anyone can choose to be a firefighter. Our junior program starts at 16 years old. Here are some of the requirements for all our firefighters:

-Minimum age of 16 years old

-Valid driver's license

-Pass a background check

-Have a desire to learn and better yourself

-Be a team player

-Be able to walk, climb, and crawl

What does a Firefighter do?

Firefighters at Claylick Fire Department respond to emergencies from wherever they are when an emergency occurs. Most of our firefighters do not pull shifts at the fire station. Most go about their day with a radio or cell phone in earshot ready to respond to an emergency. Our firefighters respond quickly and safely in an emergency and begin working to resolve the emergency situation.  We train often, work continuously to improve our skillset, and look for ways to improve the safety of our community. 

​What is a Firefighter?

Firefighters fight fire. Seems simple, right? Well, firefighters don't ONLY fight fires anymore. They play a role in other emergencies as well. Firefighters are trained in several different areas in addition to structural firefighting. These include areas such as extrication, search and rescue, HAZMAT, wildland firefighting, and more. 


What are some benefits to joining?

Free Training
We provide our members with state and federal training. We send our firefighters through a 64-hour basic firefighter, followed by a 16-hour live burn at TFACA. This allows them to sit for the FF1 Certification. We also provide Emergency Medical Responder, Basic HAZMAT, Extrication, and driver training to our members. You put in the time, we put in the dime. We want our firefighters to be skilled so that they have more opportunities in the future.

Worker's Compensation
We have workers compensation so that if you were to be injured in the line of duty you will be taken care of. Our board of directors prioritizes members' safety.

Phone Service Discount
We have a phone plan at our department that allows our members to receive a discount and also allows us to have the option of priority calling in times of large scale disasters.

Family Atmosphere
Be a part of a family. Our department has family values built-in to the core of who we are as a department and we treat each other like family.

Reduced Vehicle Tag Cost
The State of Tennessee gives volunteer firefighters a discount on vehicle tags.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to save a life and then you will be on the front lines for 911 emergencies. The experience gained here has led many to become Career Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and even Nurses.